Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Art of Signing - Part 2

Who doesn't like the excitement of tie-dye?  With the help of white oil pastels and crayon resist technique, sixth graders utilized their color wheel know-how to create tie-dye "ish' backgrounds. 
These would become the perfect backdrop for our contour line drawings!

My students know that we use sign language in my home and are always interested when I intentionally or inadvertently begin signing in class. For this lesson, we learned to create contour line drawings of the sign language alphabet hand shapes. 
On the Smartboard, I projected a large photograph of a hand shape. Then, I demonstrated what a contour line was by drawing on top of the photograph. What's really neat is then removing the photo to expose only the drawing ! The kids really got it! They took turns coming up and practicing while others practice in their art journals. 
I also stressed drawing what you really see and not what you think you see.
Some pictures of the process are already posted here.
Try reading their initials and enjoy the exciting results! 

1 comment:

  1. I really like all the colors in the background. -- Rebecca

    I like how the colors look like they were tie-dyed. - Reilly

    If it was just a white background, it would look dull. The tie-dye really makes the hands pop! -- Ryan

    I feel like we're going back to the 70s! Groooo-vy! - Andy

    I like all of the hands are cut and outlined differently. -- Nick