Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Egyptian Jewelry a la Kindergarten

Did you know that even men wore jewelry in Ancient Egypt 
about 4,000 years ago? 
 Kindergarten is learning about the art of Ancient Egypt and have just finished these gorgeous collar necklaces! First we looked at patterns found in Egyptian art and jewelry then drew patterns onto paper plate rims with markers. Then we made clay beads, added texture and spray painted them to look like real gold! Finally, we used pipe cleaners to attach the beads. 
So exciting! 

Math facts make unique textures and designs! 

We learned a few tricks for next time:
1) Beads add weight to the necklace, and if the opening in the back is too big, the necklace will slide off.  Don't cut an opening in the back of the necklace,  it will fit fine around the neck with just a slit. 
2) The more densely colored and patterned the necklace, the more striking it appears against  the gold beads. 

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