Monday, February 4, 2013

Pop Art Hero Portraits

I love to integrate art whenever possible.  In Social Studies and ELA, Seventh and Eighth grade are currently researching an American Hero, and preparing research papers and Prezis to showcase their learning at the "Hero Fair".  
 In the art studio, we're creating a portrait as part of the research. When I saw this amazing lesson at "For the Love of Art"  I knew it would be perfect to modify for our hero portraits. 
Tracing over line drawings that had been modified at 
We used our new school iPads for this process! Despite extensive preplanning, there were some road bumps but we persevered!  
Tracing the contour line drawings onto a good paper

Measuring and drawing a 1 1/2" grid over our portrait drawing. 
 Finally, adding color and design! 
Stay tuned as for more to come! 

In my experience, Chuck Close is a particularly inspiring and engaging artist for students of all ages. As a student with learning disabilities, and later in life physical disabilities, Chuck Close is the embodiment of perseverance! He continues to search for pathways that transform goals into reality. 
 We have an excellent children's book in the SJS library, entitled 

Chuck Close: Up Close, by Jan Greenberg that you might want to check out! 

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  1. I just love the idea of this project... reminds of a similar project I did in Art I... except we just experimented with different values of colors. I love the patterns! I hope you post the end results!