Monday, March 18, 2013

PlasterCraft Masks: A SJS Tradition

        Each year brings the same conversation between eager seventh grade students and their soft-hearted art teacher:

Students:  "Are we doing those masks this year?" 
Teacher: "Well, I've taught plaster mask making for a few years now (meaning forever), so I think we'll try something exciting and new this year. You'll love it!"
Students: Sudden vocal onslaught:
  • "No.... my brother and sister have them hanging; my mom's waiting for mine!"
  • "Please, please, please!"
  • "I've been waiting since kindergarten!"
  • "I already have a partner!"
And so it goes: change the theme, keep the masks. 
The age old tradition continues. 
It's neat to know who's under the mask by what art smock they're wearing. Some students have had the same one for years, and I love that! 


  1. Will you do another post and show the completed masks? I'm trying to follow what they look like in the end. Thanks!

  2. Yes, pics will definitely be posted when the masks are complete. These students have art only once a week for 45 minutes, so it will be at least a month from now. Thanks for following!