Wednesday, May 22, 2013

4th Grade Wax Museum Portraits

In case you weren't able to attend Fourth Grade's Wax Museum, here are some portraits of the featured visitors:

Did you guess that these Fourth Graders were inspired by Faith Ringgold and her story quilts?
Want to learn more? Check out her website here.

Paper Mâché People Complete!

Do you remember viewing our 6th Grade paper mache sculptures in progress here ? Our figure sculptures are finished and ready to display! 

Students learned to build a sturdy armature, like a skeleton, on which to apply paper mache. They worked carefully to form correctly proportioned figures. I asked them to design a figure which included a "prop" to help communicate the person's activity. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Over and Under : Weavings

Second Grade Weavings

Some of my favorite Art Studio moments happen when we weave. Children practically inhale the tactile nature of yarn. They feel very grownup using tricky words like "warp" and "weft".  Each child naturally gravitates to his/her own explorations and expressions:there's never an "I can't" or "I'm no good at"... they just happily weave.

And, even better, kids bound through the door knowing what lies ahead. Right to the looms, the yarn, their seats, the strings. And to creating.  
Smiles, chatter, planning, then quiet within themselves.
 Peaceful, content in their own worlds.

So proud of this young man who figured out how to tie knots using a satin-like thick cord. He wanted to create fringe : )
See finished weaving below:

Can't wait to show their teacher!!!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Squares, Squares and More Squares

First graders combined stamp printed fish and colorful paper squares  to create these playful mosaics. Children carefully observed and drew fish shapes, explored stamp printing with found objects, and learned about ancient Roman and Byzantine Mosaics to complete their art.

Exploring mosaic design with ceramic tiles...