Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sampling Stitches

Time sure flies in Saint Jude's Art Studio!  Here's a lesson 4th grade completed last month- and absolutely loved!  Since they're studying Colonial America, it seemed the perfect time to introduce the art of stitching a Colonial Sampler.  Students learned at least four, sometimes six different stitches and used them to create a name design.  We began by writing our name with chalk on burlap, and then tie a knot!  That's right, even 4th graders need to work on knot tying: very few kids are comfortable in this skill area. 

Kids then learned to stitch their name in backstitch. Many thanks to the parents who volunteered to assist with knotted threads and scrunched up fabric from pulling too tight. I've found that a volunteer or two can help us get started and reduce initial frustration. My children agree though, by the end, no one really thinks about the stitches. Focus switches to the design and what to create- that's when magic really happens.

Another magical revelation: the majority of boys and girls expressed how relaxing stitching is! One never saw such peaceful concentration in this digital age! 

Ask your child to name and teach you how to make these stitches, you will be amazed at their mastery!
Backstitch, split stitch,cross stitch, French knot, running stitch, fill-in stitch


  1. so sweet! thanks for sharing! Angelisa

  2. Always amazed at their talent! You bring out the best in our kids! They look awesome! Thanks, Jen