Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

In just seven short days these beautiful faces will forever be known as the SJS Class of 2013!

For our last lesson, we took inspiration from the artist, Andy Warhol, and his Pop Art Portraits.
 I began by photographing each student and loading the pictures onto the computer. Students then posterized these images using Adobe Photoshop.  We've only one computer with Adobe which made it a bit of a challenge... but we managed : )
With an ink jet printer, students printed out their image then transfered it directly to a rubber printing block while the ink was still wet.  

Next everyone learned to safely manipulate linoleum carving tools so they could carve out the negative shapes of their relief print.

  Each artist made or "pulled" a test print, carved away any stray marks and finally, began experimenting with printmaking possibilities. 

And in the end, every member of SJS Class of 2013 brought home a portfolio of PopArt Self-Portraits reflecting their amazing uniqueness.
Congratulations to the Class of 2013!


  1. Love!!! How did you transfer the image to a rubber printing block? I would love to attempt this with my 8th graders.

    1. Thanks! We use an ink jet printer (not a laser-jet) and print out one student's photo at a time on copier paper. As soon as it slides out of the printer, while the ink is still wet, we lay the rubber block on top, and center it over the photo. Then flip them so the block is underneath and the paper on top, and rub with a large metal spoon. That transfers the ink onto the rubber block. Hope that helps! Shoot me an email if it's not clear : )