Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our First iPad Art

We rolled the ipad cart into the art room!  There's just so much to explore and discover. Fourth graders are learning about visual balance so we used the app, Sketchbook Express, to create symmetrical vases.  Look closely parents, there's more than just vases here! These beautiful artworks double as optical illusions. Every vase actually began with a student's portrait in profile! 

As with anything new, we faced some tricky problems to solve, mostly with sending and saving the artwork. I'm really very proud of our students for working through problems and not giving up ... and for helping each other  learn. You would be very amazed to see this critical problem solving in action, creative minds ablaze, and all ipads back in the cart in 40 minutes, no less! 

Thanks to Dryden Art for sharing their idea, seen here.

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