Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Did It Feel Like To Be A French Impressionist?

  French Impressionists  often painted outside "en plein air", meaning in the open air. This new concept  of painting outside, on site, began around the mid 19th century.   Seventh graders ventured outside on a beautiful day to explore  this technique.  Many learned that painting outside can be relaxing, inspiring and windy! Some students observed that when you refrain from using black and brown, and look deeply, you can see other colors. (For example, purple in the shadows or on tree trunks).  Other students noticed colors to be much brighter than what they might paint from memory.
Goals?  To paint how the light affects the subject, use short brushstrokes, paint strokes of pure color next to each other, refrain from using black and brown, and capture a moment in time. 
All in thirty minutes... now that's an instant impression! 

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  1. I still remember painting "en plein air" and how much fun it is! I have to admit, the memory crossed my mind while I was at the Art Museum today!