Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's All Greek To Me: Ancient Greek Temples

I'm so proud of our first graders! They learned to cut shapes freehand without tracers- even circles! Then, using the Smart Board, they made a discovery: around 2,500 years ago, people in Greece used these shapes to construct temples.  So we decided to glue our shapes to look like Greek temples, and learned about parts of architecture such as columns, flutes and pediments.  Finally, students looked at many drawings from Greek mythology and designed sculptures to fit in the pediments. Some even added a sculpture of a god or goddess in the center. We learn so much about our world in the art studio! 

The Secret Life Of Leaves

As colorful leaves flutter gracefully towards the ground, each one holds a secret: it is inhabited by an imaginary world.  Second graders imagined creatures, towns, cities, and dream-like events occupying falling leaves.

First, children brought in leaves, and we observed their free-form shapes found in nature.  These leaves made great stencils as students sprayed around them using spray bottles filled with watercolors. While the artwork dried, we read the book Freefall by David Weisner which shows many imaginary happenings of a boy's dreams. 
The next week, students created magical, dream-like worlds using markers and oil pastels. 

"Flying rugs in the snow. The rugs are shaped like leaves."

Upside-Down Zebra Land

Flying Dog Land (with bridges between leaves)