Monday, December 16, 2013

Kindergarten "Moves" , Keith Haring Style

We moved our bodies. We jumped. We danced. We twisted and bent. 
The artist, Keith Haring, painted very simple, colorful, cartoonish figures that did all this and more. After looking at some of his artwork, including a newly restored mural in Philadelphia, Kindergarten explored this concept of "movement".  One student from each table was traced in an active position. Children tried drawing their own Keith Haring figures while waiting their turn to be traced. 
In the next class, we explored lines that curved and moved. Each child selected one line style and one color to paint on the action figure. Collaboration! They rotated around the table, painting areas closest to them.  Finally, out came the scissors to practice cutting skills. 
So many people have expressed enjoyment with these colorful figures - these artworks literally "Jump for Joy"! 

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