Monday, December 16, 2013

Pigs on Parade

Found in the school basement: 60 ceramic piggy banks
Source: unknown
Amount of time residing atop Art Studio cabinets: three years
Now upcycled as: "Pigs on Parade" by Grade 6 artists
Arts integration at it's best!  In art class, sixth graders began by selecting an artist to research in ELA and Library classes.   They learned new research skills using a variety of source materials including books, periodicals and the internet.  We've amassed quite a collection of artist biographies over the years!  Armed with new found information, students analyzed artist's characteristics including style, genre, media and technique as well as determined their most famous, easily recognized works.

Here's how sixth graders communicated an artist's style 
and personality on a 3D form.  
Can you guess the artist?

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  1. What an incredibly clever idea! I absolutely love it. At first I just scrolled through the pictures without reading your caption at the beginning. I was thinking that some 6th graders were making some pretty impressive pig/art homages on their own... but no matter. I think its a great way to get students involved in the process of art appreciation.