Monday, January 27, 2014

Architecture: 2nd Grade Castles

Love, love, love these! 
I knew I saved my kids legos for a reason....
Second graders began by looking at many examples of castles built in the Middle Ages.  As each new picture appeared on the Smart board, children
 observed and sketched an architecture element that interested them. 

The next week, children designed their own castles by stamp printing using various sized lego blocks. It really helped to have last weeks sketches nearby for reference.

In the final two art classes, kids enthusiastically laid their castle papers against cinderblock walls and made colorful crayon rubbings imitating stone-like textures. Imaginative details easily followed. 

PS: Cleaning tempera painted legos is not nearly as fun as printing with them. After a few rinses in the sink the blocks still weren't clean. I actually them threw the dishwasher! Much easier: )

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