Monday, January 27, 2014

Me-Symbols, Paul Klee Style

What makes you YOU?
How can you communicate this using symbols, not words? 
Here are some solutions to this problem as solved by our fifth graders: 
Fifth graders learned about the Swiss artist, Paul Klee. He often painted abstract images using symbols . Students were asked to invent symbols that communicate facts or feelings about themselves.  Symbols needed to show size variety and be painted all over their paper. I encouraged children to rotate the paper and paint in all directions. 
(They weren't crazy about this idea!)

After painting the black lines, students selected one color family we've studied such as secondary, complimentary, or cool colors.  They really enjoyed mixing and exploring color values to paint outlines and abstract shapes around their symbols.   As their painting developed, they were to  emphasize one main focal point, perhaps a special symbol .  

During this lesson, kids are always hanging their art-in-progress in the board and stepping back.They're learning to really look, analyze, assess , rework and judge completion.  Sometimes, an artist is not really sure about something, such as a focal point, and we take a class poll. They ask each other's advice.  This just warms my heart! True learning in action.  

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