Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy 50th Birthday, SJS !

This year we celebrate the 50th Birthday of our school. Many activities and events have centered on this theme. We are Saint Jude Proud! 
 Excitement is at an all-time high in the art studio as EVERY student and EVERY teacher, even the principal, collaborate to create a permanent tile mural commemorating this festive celebration. 

You may remember from previous posts that we don't have a kiln, so painting with ceramic glazes on ceramic tiles is an extra-special-never-before-tried-very-exciting experience.  

We hope to design a "visual yearbook" of sorts; each grade owns a specific theme to illustrate. When complete, we hope our mural communicates all that Saint Jude School offers to our community. 

Our kids think it's pretty cool that the mural is a permanent installation- we talked about one day bringing their own children to view it!   

Step One: Draw at least five "thumbnail sketches" in art journal. Select one to develop further and refine.  
Step 2: Use transfer paper to trace drawing onto 6"x6" tile. 
These plastic egg cartons worked so well to keep the paint moist for three weeks!
Step 3: Paint!  Learn to use the "tiptoe ballerina brush" .
Boys learning to use hairdryers! 
Pre-School and Pre K Handprints
Kindergarten Self- Portraits
Second Grade artists illustrate "Faith and the Sacraments" 
Third grade illustrates the "specials ": Music, Art, Library, Gym and Technology

Sixth Graders communicate about the core subjects and the Sacrament of Confirmation. 

And the art teacher tries to stay organized!

Tiles are being fired at Paint and Pottery in Doylestown, PA.
Stay tuned for the finished product ... tentative unveiling at the end of May!!!

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