Sunday, August 10, 2014

Celebration Masks

So I'm employing a "better late than never" philosophy today: ) I squeezed in this lesson at year's end and the results are just too fabulous not to share. 

After studying masks of many cultures, seventh graders designed and created their own masks of celebration.

Can you see influences of other cultures's masks in the materials and designs students used? 
Can you guess what each chose to celebrate? 

Birthday Mural Unveiled!

As you may remember, our school joyfully celebrated its 50th Birthday with many fun and unifying events throughout this past school year. During the months of March, April, and May we were in the process of creating a school wide tile mural. 
We held the grand unveiling at our annual Visual Arts Show.
 Oh what a fabulous, proud and electric night! 

Packed parking lots, art-filled hallways, streaming videos, creators of all ages making magic at "Creation Station", smiling families, and a whole bucketful of SJS pride...
Enjoy reliving the moment forever etched in our hearts : ) 
Saturday tile elves, setting the last tile!
Keeping the mural covered until the "Big Reveal"
Our principal,Sister Elizabeth, sharing wise thoughts...
Finally, Art Show night arrives.  "There's mine!"

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Watch the video: How was it made?