Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ASL Initial Drawings

Sixth grade began the school year expressing themselves- in American Sign Language (ASL). 
In ASL, each letter of the alphabet can be represented by a specific hand shape.
Our artists formed their initials, and carefully observed the shapes and lines in each hand shape.
 They made blind contour drawings: this means drawing a shape's outline without ever looking at the paper!  I tell the kids it's like warming up a pitcher in the bullpen. Blind contour drawing helps us observe and perceive the real details without worrying about what the finished product looks like. It "warms us up" for drawing.
After this, they're ready to begin drawing slowly with careful observation. This lesson is about drawing what you see, not what you know.  It takes time, and can be a little frustrating.  Ultimately, students can see their skills improve, and feel a sense of pride in their finished artwork.

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