Sunday, October 12, 2014

Choosing Kind, Robert Indiana Style

One very important reason that human beings create art?  To communicate! 
Our third grade artists were inspired by the LOVE sculpture and art series created by artist, Robert Indiana. Many of our students have been to Philadelphia and have seen his sculpture:
After learning about Indiana's art, students developed a list of words that would communicate our theme "Choose Kind".

Our artists learned to cut a perfect square from a rectangular paper... without using a ruler!  They worked hard to form large, thick letters in each square. That can be tricky.  Like Indiana, one letter was drawn on the diagonal.  We decided this makes viewers smile and think more about what the art means.
Artists learned to embellish the letters using warm colors, and fill in the background with cool colors. Our kids discovered that warm colors come forward and "pop", while cool colors recede and seem to "go back".  Finally, kids added some lively patterns and symbols to help share their idea: 
 "Choose Kind"


  1. Really great idea. Some of these kids really show some incredible tendencies. I especially love that "Choose" and "Kind" one.

  2. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing such positive, colorful thoughts. You've brought a touch of KINDNESS to my day!! ....Mrs. Connelly