Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jack-O-Lantern Fun, Second Grade Style

What a fabulous day for second graders who completed these expressive jack-o-lanterns!  You could feel the energy in the studio as children discovered new facial expressions, chose where to place their jack-o-lanterns, and added night backgrounds. 
 In the first lesson, we observed three real pumpkins of varying size, and analyzed the color variations.  With 18"x12" paper, students painted a large vertical pumpkin, a medium round one, and a small one of their choice.  They learned to mix red, orange and yellow to create light and dark areas and to help the pumpkins appear round. 

In the second week, we observed the pumpkin ridges. Children knew they went straight down the pumpkin when we FELT them, but noticed that the ridges seem to curve when you LOOK at them.  
Our artists learned to draw curvy oil pastel lines on top of their painted pumpkins and loved how round they appeared.

Finally, it was time to create expressive faces. I made a notebook file on the smart board to easily illustrate how the very same simple shapes could be turned to make a whole new expression. 
There was something magical about being able to move a few basic shapes and immediately change an expression!
Children began cutting, shared their explorations, and learned from each other. 
Today, in the third lesson, our artists finished their jack-o-lanterns.  Each face needed to show a different expression.  
Children used 18x24 construction paper and oil pastels to create a grassy field and spooky night sky. 
Finally, I demonstrated how to place their pumpkins in the space. They needed to ask, "Which pumpkin is in front?" and overlap it on top of the others, as well as place it lower on their paper. 

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