Sunday, October 12, 2014

Paul Evans Inspired Wall Collages

Third grade, are you ready for our class trip to the Michener Art Museum this year? It will be awesome!  Just ask your fourth grade friends. 

Last year, when the third graders went, they saw very exciting metal furniture and relief sculpture wall pieces by an artist named Paul Evans.  Click here to see some of his art.  The docents helped everyone learn about the art and played a scavenger hunt game with us.  Kids were so inspired that at they created these small relief sculptures in our art studio.   By using found objects such as screws, rope, burlap, tin foil, and wood scraps and then spraying with gold and copper paint our Saint Jude artists were able to assemble this masterpiece.   Do you remember seeing this in the Art Show? 

Your turn is coming soon. I wonder what we'll see? 


  1. Reminds me so much of the sky cathedral assemblage by louise nevelson! So much fun! It has a great look!

  2. Thank's Dan! The kids were so enthusiastic while sculpting their individual boxes and then absolutely mesmerized as they were assembled into a unified piece. A great lesson for Nevelson, also.

  3. Yes, I too thought Nevelson...this is simply beautiful. Love the assemblage and can only imagine the "oohs" and "aaahs" that must have come from your students.

  4. It was such a positive experience. The kids felt like they had made something magical : )