Monday, October 20, 2014

Symmetrical Illusion

Look closely: what do you see? 
A colorful, shapely vase?  Perhaps a vessel made from stained glass? 
Yes, of course!
But there's more... this vase, as well as the ones below, are shaped by side views of the artist's face. Can you see two profiles?  It's a vase/face illusion! 
I believe it's also a perfect lesson in which to explore symmetry.

Fourth graders study visual balance. We ask, "How do artists create art so that it appears balanced?"  In this lesson, students learn one kind of visual balance- symmetrical balance- where both sides of the artwork are the same.  A special thank you to Tricia Fugelstad who developed this iPad lesson and shared thorough directions on her blog. 
Children used iPhoto to take pictures of each other's profiles and an app called Sketchbook Express to transform them into the gorgeous vases you'll see below.  Students also learned how to utilize Sketchbook X, log into email, send me their artwork, and log out.  I hope you enjoy the fruits of your children's creative efforts.

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