Saturday, January 31, 2015

Choosing Kind Calligraphy

Sixth graders communicated our school theme,"Choose Kind", in a unique way.  Instead of working on a computer, they wrote using a calligraphy pen and ink to produce these old-style graphic designs reminiscent of the Middle Ages. 

Wow! I'm super proud of my sixth graders' patience and perseverance. 
  Kids today aren't used to working with such quiet focus for long periods of time.  Despite their initial misgivings, ("Do what???") students set out to master  calligraphy pen and ink techniques, writing in a font titled "Old English". 
 And master, they did. 
 Before beginning, we viewed a Discovery Education video describing the book making process and saw that even scribes weren't perfect!  Did you know that scribes sometimes made mistakes?   I think that knowledge helped a great deal while  practicing and creating the final piece: kids understood that they might make a mistake, but it was solvable.  
Chant music of the Benedictine Monks  gently played throughout the studio  as we imagined we were scribes writing in the Middle Ages.  Ask your child about being an apprentice, scribe, artist or illuminator in a scriptorium : ) 

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