Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jasper Johns Number Party

Jasper Johns is an artist who makes art using symbols that we immediately recognize such as a flags, a maps, or numbers.  First graders viewed his number paintings and were excited to try this themselves.  

Do you remember the shoebox of sticky letters from this post?  Well plenty of number stickers remained and were called into action! 
Children picked 5 numbers (maybe with special meaning to them?) and five colors of oil pastels.   Repeating colors, they outlined each number a few times, then drew lines between numbers to connect them.  Kids then created larger shapes by drawing more lines to the paper's edge. Those larger areas seemed pretty empty so they designed patterns... with what?  Mini numbers, of course! The children thought it was so cool how numbers could fit together like a puzzle- sometimes seeming camouflaged.  Finally, it was time to pull out the watercolors for some crayon resist painting. 
What do you see in our paintings? 

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