Monday, March 23, 2015

Clowning Around

Just love, love, love these 
colorful clown collages created by our first graders! 

Our artists were inspired by Eric Carle's book illustrations such as those from Brown Bear and Mr. Seahorse. Here are some of the multiple skills they accomplished:

Lesson 1- Painting colorful, textured papers. Every child painted three papers experimenting with a variety of materials such as sponges, combs, and   brushes. They learned to layer colors, scratching through layers to create different looks and visual textures.

Lesson 2- Drawing an oval face and sizing the hair to fit. Sectioning one whole paper into shoulders and arms. 

Lesson 3- Painting "wallpaper" patterns using oil pastels and watercolor resist. 

Lesson 4- Designing their clown's personality by inventing shapes and details with cut paper. Learning to cut two of the same shape. Learning that a strong collage requires lots of glue! 

Disclaimer: Due to the artwork's large size and our time rstraints, I helped children glue the clown body and place it on their background.  

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