Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Secret Lives of Snowmen

Do  you really think snowmen just stand still 24/7? What a boring existence that would be! So what exactly do snowmen do when no one is watching?  Our fifth graders put their imaginations to work and visualized these joyful possibilities... 

For inspiration, we read the book, Snowmen at Night, by Caralyn Buehner and really looked closely to analyze Mark Buehner's illustration techniques  
Students learned to draw the illusion of three dimensional forms on a flat surface.  This was quite a magical trick to learn- how to turn a circle into something that looks like a sphere. Kids enjoyed first determining a light source, then drawing light and shadow on each sphere using chalk pastels. 

I also asked them to depict their snowmen (and snow women!) in action, having a feeling of movement, so you'll see lots of activity in these artworks. 

Disco Snow Girl

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