Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Has Anyone Seen April?

What happened to the month of April? It just FLEW by.  I'm sorry for the quiet blog...but that doesn't mean the SJS Art Studio has been, though!  Our artists finished up lessons and began new ones.  Now, we're full steam ahead preparing for our annual art show. 

Make sure to clear your calendars for our absolutely-don't-miss- it, spectacular, one -of -a -kind
Art Show
Tuesday, May 19

-Every child's artwork on exhibit 
(over 1,000 pieces on display)

-Student produced videos

-"Creation Station"- make your own art 

Technology Enhanced Exhibits
(iPads provided)

Alex's Lemonade Stand

And More....

Here's just a glimmer of what's been happening. 

Kindergarten children learned about Primary and Secondary colors and color mixing through finger painting.

First graders enthusiastically formed pinch pots after studying ancient Greek vases.
Inspired by a video of Kenyan children weaving Kente Cloth fabric, first graders learn how to weave colorful patterns of their own!
Second grade drew Renaissance inspired self portraits using chalk pastel over dried glue lines.

As a textile lesson, second graders designed a styrofoam stamp and printed a fabric banner to celebrate their First Communion.   They were inspired by Adinkra symbols, which the Ashante people living in Ghana and the Ivory Coast stamp print onto fabric. 

Solar System and planets have been third grade's theme this month in conjunction with Science.  Look for an in-depth blog post coming soon! 

Fourth grade multicolor styrofoam printmaking. 
Favorite fourth grade project every year- stitching a Colonial Sampler!  This integrates perfectly with fourth grade's study of Pennsylvania.  They're almost finished!!!!
However.... we had to take a break and put the stitching aside to draw awesome portraits for the wax museum.  Next week we get to finish, just in time to exhibit in the art show!

Robot Super Hero Design
Fifth graders are designing and sculpting a super hero robot that will help solve a problem. These take many art sessions to sculpt and are almost complete!  

Each sixth grader researched a famous artist and painted a pig-shaped sculpture inspired by their artist's artwork and style.  Every class has been so energized, I haven't had a minute to snap photos! 

7th and 8th grade recently completed a very in-depth Chuck Close inspired portrait using colored pencils. No photos yet.... 
Students are currently developing QR codes to link the portraits to their Prezi research presentations.
Sound complicated?  Come to the art show, pick up an iPad, and see for yourself!  It's super-cool : )

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