Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Day At The Museum

There's nothing like being in front of REAL ART!   
Seeing the art's actual size and scale, viewing brush strokes, reacting to the real colors and textures..... 
While Google Art Project works great to show students paint globs and brushstrokes, 
leading third graders into an art gallery brings spontaneous choruses of "WOW!" , delighted gasps, and pure amazement. 

Last week their teacher and I brought third graders to The James A. Michener Art Museum in nearby Doylestown.   Friendly and knowledgeable docents, Miss Carol and Miss Maureen, led our excited kids through the large gallery spaces.   These patient docents asked questions and listened to MANY responses, leading kids through the process of discovery and response to various forms of art.  We were able to view exhibits such as the"Bucks County Impressionists", the "George Nakashima Reading Room", and "Veils of Color": Recent Work by Elizabeth Osborne.  

During the last half hour of our visit, children had the opportunity to observe and sketch artworks of their choice. 
Would you and your child would like to view some of the art we saw?  click here.

After lunch, third graders and chaperones walked a few short steps across the street to the Mercer Museum.  I can't tell you how much they anticipated what lie ahead: LEGO® CASTLE ADVENTURE.

As their art teacher, I felt excited to revisit castle architecture studied last year (Click here to view). And yes, that happened. There were multiple lego castle models illustrating medieval life and architectural details. 
 But the true attraction here was in pretend play opportunities, medieval dress up, and LEGOS! 

Designing a castle
Trying our hand at jousting

All in all, children, chaperones, and teachers declared this a very successful class trip!  Thank you to the parent chaperones and to all parents who made this day possible.

NOTE: While walking through the school hallway today, I came upon written descriptions of our trip. Parents, prepare to be amazed at all your children learned, and at their skillfully written pieces! 


  1. This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing! Our docents really enjoyed sharing the artwork with you. We hope you come back to the Michener Art Museum again soon with your family and friends! Mrs. Easton-Sandquist

  2. The Michener Art Museum will soon display very colorful quilts with amazing contemporary designs! Hope you will return to see the "Blanket Statements" exhibit, opens Nov 14!