Saturday, October 31, 2015

SJS Impressionists: En Plein Air

Seventh graders enter in a flurry of buzzing activity, quickly collect brushes, paint, paper, boards, water, and cups.   They know time is of the essence.  Items in hand, we move through the halls and main entrance into the soft breeze of a warm fall day.  Still abuzz, everyone quickly fills water cups, and excitedly wanders off to locate the perfect spot.   Within minutes, here's what I see: 
SJS artists experiencing firsthand what it might feel like to be 19th century French Impressionist painters. 
Twenty-five short minutes later,  each artist has captured a "quick impression" of the effects of light on their chosen subject.  Students tried to paint with short, choppy brushstrokes, lay pure colors next to each other, avoid using black or brown, and capture a moment in time. 

So many students appreciated making art "en plein air", as did the impressionists, that we hope to draw outside again in spring!

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  1. Looks so relaxing and they are all so focused on their art! Great job, 7th grade! Let your creative juices flow.......