Thursday, March 17, 2016

Free -Forming It

Here's some eye catching art that second graders created earlier in the year when being introduced to geometric and free form shape. 

Student artists love the idea of being inventors!  I tell them their job is to invent free form shapes that NO ONE has ever seen before. 

On multicolor scratch-art paper, they are to invent five to seven free-form shapes: some large, some medium, some small. (variety)
After scratching out the shapes, they need to draw a "fence" line around each shape so it's surrounded by black. 
Finally, artists need to create a background that's the same all over, to give unity to the piece. 

Looking at cells under the microscope on the Smart Board provided inspiration.

Snowmen at Night

Hello, hello???  Is anybody there? 
Well, it's about time I stop hibernating and poke my nose out into the world again. Just in time for Spring! 

Much has been happening in the SJS Art Studio this past months, (despite this quiet blog) and with a few days of winter officially remaining, I wanted to share these awesome fifth grade masterpieces.

These dynamic artworks were inspired by the book, Snowmen at Night.  We spent lots of time analyzing how the illustrator, Mark Buehner, creates the illusion of three dimensional forms on a flat surface. The idea of realistic art as a magic trick, an illusion, seems to captivate my students. 
Vocabulary such as shape, form, light, shadow, highlight, illusion and movement infuse conversation as students work with chalk pastels. 

Funny, everyone worked so hard on the concepts, I forgot to remind them they could add snow!