Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Cave Art Revisited

Ok, the secret's out. I took your kids spelunking.
Darkness filled the cave. Sometimes we needed to get down on our knees and bellies. We carried torches like people used 15,000 years ago. 
Thank goodness we didn't run into bats or bears!  But we did discover ART, ACTUAL drawings, on the walls!!!! Created thousands of years ago!!!! Rhinos, bulls, horses, deer, and handprints. No butterflies, though. 
Then we crawled out of the cave and back to our seats. Why? To make cave art of our own, of course! 

Cave Art Unit
Week 1: Sponge painting , mixing colors to create a textured stone wall.
Week 2: Spelunking!  Discover cave art through a virtual tour of Lascaux (here)
Begin to draw animals on the textured stone wall using oil pastels.  
Week 3: Complete cave drawings, have hands stencil painted, and work collaboratively draw on cave ceilings (under the tables).

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