Monday, April 25, 2016

Right NOW, in SJS Art Studio

Families, friends, visitors, and art lovers: 
We're getting ready! Please mark your calendars for 

Saint Jude School's 
Visual Art Show and Open House
Wednesday, May 11 , 2016

Kindergarten just finished turning themselves into Egyptian pharaohs...
... and Keith Haring style dancing figures....

...First graders looked at God's beautiful flowers and painted a large mural...
after painting their small Greek pottery... 
...second graders drew Renaissance inspired self-portraits and are currently taking weaving by storm....

My hands were TOO BUSY directing third graders coil pottery to take pictures...
Fourth graders are thrilled to discover what proficient portrait skills they developed ("before" and "after" photo)....look for portraits of famous Pennsylvanians on display....

Fifth graders are so involved designing superhero robot sculptures - wait until you hear them talk! 
Sixth grader potters are sculpting face jugs....

While seventh graders create celebration masks..
...and eighth graders explore Pop Art style block printmaking. 

There will be so much to see, learn, and do. 
Please join us!


  1. Creativity abounds in our SJS students and I am looking forward to seeing their works of art filling our hallways and spilling into our cafeteria at our annual Arts Festival Open House! All are welcome to share in the artistic spirit that is integral to our educational program at St. Jude School.

  2. Everything that is being created in the Art Room is so amazing. Looking forward to see all forms of art at the Art Festival.

  3. Emma asks, "How did you get the sculptures on people's faces?" Carlos says, "I like the sculptures that you put on people's faces." Jacklyn comments, "I love you, Mrs. Monahan." "I love the way the 1st graders did the flowers," said Molly. "I want to know how Ryleigh did that?" asked Savannah. "I like the way that the pictures are made from the first grade," said Sammy.