Monday, April 11, 2016

We Heart Color Mixing

Oh, the joy of finger painting! 
This year I changed it up a little bit.   
Week one: We read the book, Mouse Paint, as an introduction to Primary and Secondary colors.  Those cute little mice find jars filled with primary colored paint and do some experimenting. What happens?  They discover new colors!  
Children then eagerly mixed primary color finger paint with their fingers to find out if the mice were right!  In doing so, SJS artists discovered the secondary colors. I always like to show OKGo's video, Primary Colors, as they line up to leave. 

Week 2:  PREP- I folded 10"x18" white paper into thirds and found some small hearts that fit inside each third. 
When the kiddos came in, we again watched and sang (and danced :) using OKGo's video to review. I introduced Jim Dine's colorful artwork, and told them that since they practiced color mixing last week, this week we'd mix colors to make an artwork.  It was helpful to have students trace hearts with a pencil first, and then go over them with a colorful marker. (saves the heart shape from becoming lost)  Finally, I did a quick demo and they were off! 

Yes, artworks warmed many hearts !

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  1. Wonderful paintings. Everyone has great hearts!!! Great learning and nice job by all our artists